Still learning

I’m moving at a pretty good rate, I reckon a couple more days of this and I’ll be able to create “a game.” It might not be the next Minecraft but it will be a stepping stone for me.
So far I understand compiling the code, variables to an extent, classes, making functions and a very few native functions. I’m following a good guide (HERE) I’ll be sure to thank the author once I’ve gotten my use out of the writings.

New Endeavor

I have decided to pick up java coding. I already had the tools because I wanted to learn to edit Minecraft, but now I’m going to make a full game. I’ve done only a little research, basically I know that I already code in a professional fashion and I have to use a rendering system called surfaceview.

SA-MP Pong possibly finished

I’ve released updates 2 and 3 of Joe Staff’s Pong and to be honest I don’t quite feel like it’s getting a whole lot of attention. I can think of a few things that do need to be added, like the ability to have multiple games playing at once, but if it’s not really catching peoples’ fancy then I’ll probably just call it done and go work on something else.

After releasing this game I yearned to make a full fledge game with textdraws in SA-MP, but then I got to thinking… why not just make a god damn game? Maybe I’ll pursuit flash game productions in the future, unless something else catches my attention.

SA-MP Tennis

I’m working on a project which I may just finish tonight. It’s a working PvP/PvNPC tennis game you can play in SA-MP. Only a few more physics calculations are needed to finish it, I even got the NPC to play a formidable, but not impossible, game. At the moment it’s kind of a rough draft, I need to add things like multiple game support, but I’ll worry about that after release.