Random Level Generator finished

I finally finished the Random Level Generator. It took me about 2 and a half hours, but I’ve managed to get it to work flawlessly AND with parameters so I can edit just about any aspect of the level, including the amount of rooms, the size of the doors, the closest a room can be to any other room (wall size), and the minimum and maximum size of the rooms. I’m quite proud of this accomplishment 🙂

Next I will attempt an in-game menu (press escape?) to reach the stats, skills, and inventory menus. This will involve making the game freeze while the menu is open and be interactive with the mouse cursor, shouldn’t be a problem.

HUD’s up

I’ve finished the Heads-up display. In doing so, I’ve been forced to include a few more features, including Health, Max Health, Energy, Max Energy, Energy Regen Rate (both per tick, and milliseconds between ticks), Energy Consumption Rate, Ammo, and Max Ammo. I’m fairly pleased with it’s design, here’s a picture:
Captain Tricorn: Heads-up Display
As you can see there are 2 bars, H and E, Health and Energy respectively, and then a visual representation of the amount of on-hand Secondary Weapon ammo. When the ammo exceeds the width of the table, it turns into a single rocket (or whatever model it’s using) followed by a [ X # ].
Also, for simplicity sake, I’ve made models created by a single function. What this means is any model you see in the game (projectile, player, mob, etc) can be turned into any other model in the game.

Instead of following my to-do list previously mentioned (creating main screen and ingame menus,) I’m going to evolve the level design for randomly generated maps, so you never play the same level twice.

What’s next…

By the time I release my next demo I hope to have completed multiple GUI features including title screen+menu, skill, stats, and equipment menus, and a standard heads up display (HUD)

I plan to tackle the HUD first, as I’ve already got a layout envisioned

Demonstration #2

I have completed some major stepping stones towards completion of this game, but I’m still a far way away from being finished.
Changes since last demo:
-Non-Player Controlled (NPC) Characters added (also known as Mobs)
-Alternative projectile created
-Explosives created
-Level system created

Controls have changed:
W or Arrow Key UP – Move up
S or Arrow Key DOWN – Move down
A or Arrow Key LEFT – Move left
D or Arrow Key RIGHT – Move right
E – Create a mob at mouse cursor’s position
F – Fire alternative rocket (time controled)
G – Fire rockets in all directions (non time controlled)
Left Mouse Button – Fire primary weapon

If you’re seeing this then your browser can’t view java applets

Alternative Projectile and Explosions

I’ve just finished creating an alternative ‘model’ for projectiles. The model doesn’t affect anything other than the way the projectile looks, the added projectile is a ‘rocket’ of sorts, looks more like a flying pencil, I’ll probably get into more detail later on.

I’ve created the affect and animation of explosions. The explosion is just an expanding ring, upon detonation, the explosion will damage anything nearby. Projectiles can trigger explosions if set to do so.

As an added bonus I have created a ‘force or ‘pushback’ variable for impacting damage upon entities. This means when you or a mob gets shot, hit, or exploded it/you will be pushed back a distance based on the projectiles/explosions force

Now onto levels, this will involve modifying the play field to be focus entirely on the player, also collisions will be heavily modified to follow the level’s design.

Generic Mobs Completed

I’ve finished the first mob to be implemented in the game. It currently consists of 3 behaviors:
1. At-Ease
The mob will walk around randomly until player enters it’s field of view
2. Attacking-long range
The mob will charge the player while shooting
3. Attacking-short range
The mob circles the player randomly changing directions

I’ve made since into how I’m going to create levels with varying sized rooms and exits. I had planned to make a random level generator, but I’d much rather design the levels for now… maybe.

My next objective is to create an alternative projectile that creates a non-discriminating explosion upon impact. Maybe 2…

More ideas for gameplay

Had some time to think about how the game is going to play, the player will be center screen and the level will revolve around him, I’m going to implement attributes, skills, and inventory. There will be experience and levels. You’ll be equipped with 4 weapons, primary gun (uses up regenerative energy), secondary power weapon (has ranging limited ammo), melee weapon (short range, no ammo use), and a special weapon (single shot, charge up). Weapons will be dropped by mobs and will have base stats depending on type, then extenuating stats randomized. Each level up increases your max hp and max primary weapon energy, you’ll gain 5 stat points and every 3 levels you’ll gain a skill point (each skill will have a max level of 3). Stats will consist of Offense, Defense, Energy and Luck.

My next demonstration will include mobs, a basic level design, and alternative projectiles

Minor Demonstration

As a show of progress, here’s a simple test of the player character, reticle interaction, and projectiles

If you’re seeing this then your browser can’t view java applets

Arrow keys to control, Left Mouse Button to fire. (must click box first for focus)

Franchise and character ideas

So I’ve had some time to think about a game story line and style. I’m strongly leaning towards a top view arcade style shooter. I have always found those fun and the math calculations aren’t beyond my ability. Stick figures have always been my art style, cause I draw like a 2nd grader. So with that in mind, the top view will just be a circle… With a triangle around it, it’ll be like he’s wearing a hat… A tricorn hat. So I’ve dubbed him Captain Tricorn. Thinking of other characters, I’ve come up with First-Lieutenant Tophat, Helmüt, and Detective Fedora. I think the no-name bad guys will be from 2 opposing gangs, the “Bowlers” and the “Wigs”. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful franchise…

Things still going smoothly

I’ve just made a few hurdles over issues of my “tutorial page,” it’s apparently about 10 years out of date… none-the-less I’ve managed to figure out a good deal of very important information (keyboard input catching) and as a result I have made this simple applet. All it does is count the frames up to 2.1 billion and displays the keycode of the key you’ve pressed (click on the window for it to read key strokes)

If you’re seeing this then your browser can’t view java applets