Tried Something, Didn’t Pan Out

Some time ago I was on the hunt of a new identity for the sake of game development, as I felt (and still kind of do) the name ‘Joe Staff’ is hardly an appropriate or even well thought out persona for me and my future projects. I purchased a domain, and created a site, based around the name ‘Caplin Games.’ This felt a lot more personal and I still like that for the name of a game development company, but not as a persona. I think I’ll keep the domain for future’s sake but still pursue a new name for myself.

Maybe something relating to my favorite color or something, iunno. Every time I think of an almost cool name it’s the name of some tech firm or NSA fighting encryption program or some crap. Joe Staff, although sounding like a real name, has almost always been available for me to use in apps and programs. In fact, my Xbox says “Hi Joe” when I log in. My only issue with it really is that it’s actually some peoples’ names, heh. Maybe I’ll just stick with it.