Project: Untitled, post #1

Got a girlfriend who has inspired me to make a game (to shorten the long distance between us). With all of my old work destroyed, I’ve had to from scratch on everything. It’s been difficult but today I have gotten OpenGL ES 2.0 (new to me) to render my shapes, found a way to move it (the official tutorial was extremely unhelpful) and have lined up my touch screen input. Currently the touch screen input is 1:1 to render coordinates. I plan to change this to prevent odd sizes and just make things fit to 2 aspect ratios, 4:3 and 16:9. I think the use of OpenGL ES 2.0 will make porting the game to PC or whatever else a bit simpler as code rarely differs.

The game is going to play like Zelda with more RPG elements to it (which I always thought would make an awesome game). My plan is to make the game without any visual assets. So entirely made out of 2D shapes made with simple coordinated matrices, the people will be squares. The sound however I would love to make detailed. I’m letting my girlfriend write the plot/story to the game, I imagine it will come out to be fantasy genre with castles, magic, and of course one or two faeries. I will forcibly add in my personal humor, because that’s my thing.

No idea for a name yet.