The Jovian Incident: Post #16

I worked on the game for a couple of hours today, found a new motivation to work on it and I’m taking advantage of it. I’ve implemented projectiles and have included the ‘Plasma Kannon’. Influenced by Hardwar’s weapon of the same name, high energy weapon that focuses damage on shields. Along that I have added projectile collisions with birds and damage calculators and stuff. Pretty happy with the result.
Up next I’ll be adding on-screen button controls for firing and targeting (I’ve found that manual targeting is a complete bitch, especially against aggressive AI). And/or hangar integrations, I’ve got the sprites and everything, so shouldn’t be too hard. I haven’t entirely thought it out, but I’m pretty sure it’ll have a manual ‘asshole mover’ for people that park themselves on top of hangar bays. Or just blow them up, old school style.