The Jovian Incident: Post #15

The scale of my work just hit me today. I decided to implement an explosion animation for when a ship is destroyed and it was literally as simple as adding 5 lines of code and the image. I do plan on changing this later on when I get into the file loading area. I want the games resources to be file driven for when people decide that they want to modify the game, they won’t have to go digging deep into the hard coding.

I used an explosion sprite sheet generator I found online. It doesn’t require royalties or any kind of credit, but I need to write down where I’m getting my external resources so that I can add them to the credits anyway. I know that the seamless background texture I’m using does require credits and I think a $5 purchase. I do have the name of the owner written somewhere and I’ll be sure to do the proper procedures before releasing the game.