The Jovian Incident: Post #7

I have separated pilots from the birds, making them two different entities, this pretty much makes it possible for pilots to switch ships, but also makes it easier for pilots to be classified differently (Players, Traders, etc). I’ve had to place a limitation on the amount of pilots and birds, mostly to make identification easier. When objects are in a ‘Vector’ (a long, adjustable list), they move up and down the list which changes their ID. When objects are in a standard index, their location is static so when I delete one the ones above it don’t move down. Issue is, I have to give a fixed limit on the amount of pilots and birds, so I’ve made the limit 32 pilots and 128 birds.

The birds act very accordingly when there are two or more of them in the game simultaneously, which just means I’m not as lost of a programmer as one might think. I’ll try to add some elementary collision before finishing off today.