The Jovian Incident: Post #6

After some rest (2 months!) I’ve gotten back to The Jovian Incident.
I worked more on the rotation velocities and then physical velocities. I’ve gotten the ship to move in nearly the exact way I want it to. The ship accelerates at a rate higher than that of deceleration (gravity, wind-shear, weight, or whatever I want to factor in). I want to allow the ship to be able to move faster than its max speed (either through scripted effect or whatever), so I’ve forced deceleration to be a constant factor. If the ship is moving faster than max speed, acceleration simply won’t make any difference. It’s not the realistic way of doing it, but the effect is still there.

Next I want to make some sort of world to fly in, which will involve collisions (I’m probably going to make lines, but I’m not sure how I’m going to go about it yet).