The Jovian Incident: Post #4

Today I worked a few hours on ‘animations’, or rather animated entities. It took me so long because I was making them extremely adaptable, much like the animations of the ships. Essentially, a single function initiates the animation and can be started in 4 different ways. Using a ship id (for it to attach to) or a static coordinate and give an animation id, or ship id/static coordinate with a string. The string will search for the name of the animation in the animation library.

All this adaptability is going to cost a fair amount of RAM when all’s done, but I feel it’ll be worth it in the end. It’ll be quite the game platform when I’m finished. What’s surprising me about my code is that it’s only about 800 lines. Planes is currently at 2855 and Tricorn just short of 4000. I’m not sure if this means I’m getting less work done than usual, or if maybe I’m just becoming a more efficient programmer. Whatevs, yo.

Oh yeah, I added a shield. It flashes from the direction the ship was hit and can change colors. I’m thinking the alpha will fade as it becomes weaker, then either shields that are stronger will result in different colors or just have customizable shield colors for preference. Maybe both? Some shield colors could be more rare than others, but will have different stages of shield strength. With ideas of both hardware and software upgrades for you ship, I know I want them both to have different effects on different aspects of your ship and maybe create a limiter. This will keep one ship from being the end-all design.