Not Dead, Promise!

I’ve not been working on any projects lately, but I’m finding myself unfulfilled until I complete at least one thing. Some time back I began rebuilding the Jovian Conspiracy and have made some significant progress. I want to get back into it so I suppose I will. So far I’ve developed the rendering, physics including collision (which is pixel perfect!), as well as some button concepts for the GUI. I created a simple structure to test the collision and I think the ships are flying too fast to conceivably control.
I’ll keep things posted as I find available time in my week to work on it!

Tried Something, Didn’t Pan Out

Some time ago I was on the hunt of a new identity for the sake of game development, as I felt (and still kind of do) the name ‘Joe Staff’ is hardly an appropriate or even well thought out persona for me and my future projects. I purchased a domain, and created a site, based around the name ‘Caplin Games.’ This felt a lot more personal and I still like that for the name of a game development company, but not as a persona. I think I’ll keep the domain for future’s sake but still pursue a new name for myself.

Maybe something relating to my favorite color or something, iunno. Every time I think of an almost cool name it’s the name of some tech firm or NSA fighting encryption program or some crap. Joe Staff, although sounding like a real name, has almost always been available for me to use in apps and programs. In fact, my Xbox says “Hi Joe” when I log in. My only issue with it really is that it’s actually some peoples’ names, heh. Maybe I’ll just stick with it.

Project: Untitled, post #1

Got a girlfriend who has inspired me to make a game (to shorten the long distance between us). With all of my old work destroyed, I’ve had to from scratch on everything. It’s been difficult but today I have gotten OpenGL ES 2.0 (new to me) to render my shapes, found a way to move it (the official tutorial was extremely unhelpful) and have lined up my touch screen input. Currently the touch screen input is 1:1 to render coordinates. I plan to change this to prevent odd sizes and just make things fit to 2 aspect ratios, 4:3 and 16:9. I think the use of OpenGL ES 2.0 will make porting the game to PC or whatever else a bit simpler as code rarely differs.

The game is going to play like Zelda with more RPG elements to it (which I always thought would make an awesome game). My plan is to make the game without any visual assets. So entirely made out of 2D shapes made with simple coordinated matrices, the people will be squares. The sound however I would love to make detailed. I’m letting my girlfriend write the plot/story to the game, I imagine it will come out to be fantasy genre with castles, magic, and of course one or two faeries. I will forcibly add in my personal humor, because that’s my thing.

No idea for a name yet.

Back at it, but with a cost.

I had the necessary tools to decompile The Jovian Incident’s .APK file. Unfortunately, it appears none of the original labels will remain the same. The finished decompiled code will just be a bunch of ‘Variable0001’ and ‘Function002’. Normally that doesn’t sound so bad, but when there are literally thousands of variables of different and important titles, it’s unfeasible to rebuild. So I’m starting anew. I’m going to take my Tricorn characters and make a side-scrolling platform-jumping brawl-style game.

Relating to the .APK recovery, my phone was only able to produce The Jovian Incident, Tricorn and Planes are apparently lost causes, for now.

Kick ‘Em While They’re Down

Well, after having set up my storage HDD as my OS drive, it decided to stop booting. It still works, all files are present, used a backup HDD and installed Windows on it, but for some reason the Windows on the storage HDD just isn’t booting at all. Oh well, no real harm done. I’m going to look into upgrading, I suppose. Although at my current state, my only option is to do a complete overhaul of my computer, or damn near.

I’m wondering if I should just create myself a budget. Considering my accounting degree, I shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Hard Disk Failure

I have had yet another hard disk failure, but this is a lot more catastrophic. I didn’t learn from my last lesson and both of my hard drives ended up failing this time around. I’ve lost all of my coding of the last 3 years and only have one solution. My only option right now is to take the .APK file that was left on my phone (which has the latest Jovian Incident) and then decompile it, and convert the decompiled files. I’m not sure if there’s an exact method of recovery, all I really care about is the coding. All of my artwork wasn’t exactly high class, so I’m not too disappointed about that loss.

At the moment, I’m not exactly feeling up to that process, as I have recently started school up again. When I can get some solid time, I will attempt the code recovery.

The Jovian Incident: Post #16

I worked on the game for a couple of hours today, found a new motivation to work on it and I’m taking advantage of it. I’ve implemented projectiles and have included the ‘Plasma Kannon’. Influenced by Hardwar’s weapon of the same name, high energy weapon that focuses damage on shields. Along that I have added projectile collisions with birds and damage calculators and stuff. Pretty happy with the result.
Up next I’ll be adding on-screen button controls for firing and targeting (I’ve found that manual targeting is a complete bitch, especially against aggressive AI). And/or hangar integrations, I’ve got the sprites and everything, so shouldn’t be too hard. I haven’t entirely thought it out, but I’m pretty sure it’ll have a manual ‘asshole mover’ for people that park themselves on top of hangar bays. Or just blow them up, old school style.

The Jovian Incident: Post #15

The scale of my work just hit me today. I decided to implement an explosion animation for when a ship is destroyed and it was literally as simple as adding 5 lines of code and the image. I do plan on changing this later on when I get into the file loading area. I want the games resources to be file driven for when people decide that they want to modify the game, they won’t have to go digging deep into the hard coding.

I used an explosion sprite sheet generator I found online. It doesn’t require royalties or any kind of credit, but I need to write down where I’m getting my external resources so that I can add them to the credits anyway. I know that the seamless background texture I’m using does require credits and I think a $5 purchase. I do have the name of the owner written somewhere and I’ll be sure to do the proper procedures before releasing the game.

The Jovian Incident: Post #14

I got to drawing more stuff for the hangar, this time the interior. Here’s a demo of what it should look like once all is done.

I’ve also changed the world backdrop. I’ve used a seamless one and have set it to infinitely repeat (really only renders 9 textures at a time). I’ve also removed the world restrictions for testing, I’ve gone as far as 36,000 units in one direction with zero problems. The NPC still found me.

The Jovian Incident: Post #13

Tinkered a bit more with drag physics and accelerations, the ships move a bit faster but some of the restrictions I was using would cause issues when the ship would go faster than is possible from mere thrust.

I’ve also added text using font Simple Arabic, it looks pretty good in my opinion.